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Melissa has wrote an essay on "Diversity in the Technology Sector" for application to the BRDG program in 2018. She has updated her essay as of 2021, click to read her opinion on Diversity in the Tech Sector. 

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Do you want to know how BRDG has helped shaped past ambassadors in training? Click to read about Lorenas experience with BRDG. 

Business Meeting


By Keith Thayer

HART is an acronym that is seen as a simple approach to our often complex life style. Read more to find out why HART is "An acronym for all occasions"

Bridge into the Woods

Meeting the Dean

By Lorena Macias & Alex Rangel 

The ambassadors in training were given an usual task. Lorena & Alejandro never thought this task would lead them to meeting the Dean of ECS.

Trees From Above

Climate Change

By Alejandro Rangel

Is climate change an existential threat to our planet due to its adverse environment effects? Read more to find out.    


Social Media

By Melissa Martinez

Social media was designed as a place for users to create and share information. Read more to see Melissas perspective.  

Image by Surface

Discovering my Field 

By Tina Huynh

The hardest question a person has to answer is what they wish to devote their entire life towards. Read Tinas story.  


Creating BRDG Website

By Melissa Martinez & Tina Huynh

Tina and Melissa collaborated on the company's website but there was many lessons to learn before they could begin. Read more to find out! 


When I started Bridge to Connect, I quickly learned the program was far from what I expected. Read how I started my journey with BRDG.  


If the person I am today were to meet the person I once was four years ago, it would seem like two completely different beings. 


Hack UCI

By Tina Huynh

Coding a project over the span of 36 hours to present to judges.I chose a language I had no experience with and I would do it again. Read more to find out. 


Book List

By Dwight Jaeggi

There are many life lessons hidden in the world right beneath our noses. Read more about a variety of of books that contain a lot of knowledge. 

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is to generate a pool of diverse, well rounded and socially aware future leaders available for employment within technology industries.

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