This Is Who we are


bridge to connect

BRDG is a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of first-generation college students majoring in engineering and computer science. We aim to diversify the population of potential employees and future leaders who are not only well-rounded and knowledgeable in their technical skills but possession of leadership, interpersonal abilities, and socially aware.

Through the application and interview process, we select students who are eager to be successful and the best fit for this program. We provide them with extensive mentoring, coaching, and stipends so they can concentrate on learning.


Our mission is, “Through mentoring, coaching, and research, we create a bridge to success by enhancing students’ opportunities in the technology field.”  

We focus on 3rd-year students through graduation with their BS degrees. Each student will be:

  • Paired with a mentor who will help them navigate the do’s and don’ts of a professional life

  • Provided with a stipend at $ 240 per week, up to 40 weeks. Stipend in Spring 2021 semester is guaranteed. Stipend beyond Spring semester will be based on performance, participation and grit.

  • Assisted in obtaining a summer internship with technology-related companies

  • Required to participate in social enhancement programs designed to ensure that students get exposure to professional soft skills that are crucial for success and advancement

The students must meet with their mentors once a week. Our mentors will help our mentees grow into the employee that every employer wants to hire.