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The Making of Me

Terrell D. Lemons

Dec 16, 2021

I have had the pleasure of working with the most amazing people through my experience as a participant in the Bridge-to-Connect (BRDG) program, and the support provided to me by mentors and advisors has opened up possibilities for a successful career I could not have imagined on my own.

What I found amazing with the BRDG program, and particularly my mentors, is that I always was able to be myself. I learned how to receive constructive feedback and turn it into a positive opportunity to improve self-worth. I lost the “imposter syndrome” because my mentors were there to remind me that I was not alone. I learned that challenges are there to help you learn and to succeed in life, not to destroy you. And that having a mentor can help you maneuver through life’s challenges and difficulties.

BRDG also helped me improve my skills in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Because of the confidence BRDG instilled in me, I can now comfortably write a report and make presentations before a class or group. And I was able to explore the computer science field with more confidence, expand my professional network, and gain an understanding of the qualifications and duties involved in the web development field.

In the past, I struggled.

BRDG gave me the ability to learn on the go, to adjust to situational engagements, and to make better decisions. I no longer feel the need to represent who I was, but who I am now.

My experience in BRDG helped me value the importance of learning from those who have moved up the ladder before me, and that having a sense of purpose will help me to avoid distraction and find a meaningful destination: a career I’m passionate about.

I’m grateful to all the people of BRDG, and all its supporters, for helping me re-set my expectations for what’s possible for me to do, and who I can become.

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