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Sponsor a Student

The BRDG sponsorship program is a direct way for you to support BRDG students. Each sponsor is paired with a student and is able to follow their journey at BRDG. With your donation, you can support a first-generation STEM college student to become a highly competitive professional in the technology field.

Your contribution to our goal of $5,000 will provide a stipend that supports a student's dream of becoming the first in their family to graduate from college!



Sponsors invest in a student's future in STEM.





Sponsors will be paired with one of BRDG's students. 



Sponsors follow their student on their journey here at BRDG.




Sponsors can visit their students during workshops and meetings.




Sponsors are invited to celebrate with BRDG and their sponsored student at the end-of-the-year event!

How Your Sponsorship Helps

  • $250 Pays for one student's stipend for one week

  • $1,000 Pays for one student's stipend for one month

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