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Keith Thayer


“Work hard to be your own person, persevere, respect others, live in the present, learn, share, gratitude, enjoy the misery.“ -Keith Thayer

A father of eight and a grandfather of nine, Keith Thayer is the epitome of a family man….. a hard working family man. Working hard contributed to his professional successes. Keith has served as president of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME International), president of COB with 1500 employees in the petrochemical industry, chairman of the board of Stubbs Overbeck & Associates, was on the board of several professional and social organizations, He is a business owner, author, consultant, mediator and the role he enjoys the most: mentor


Keith earned his mechanical engineering degree from Kansas State University under the G.I. Bill after he left the Navy. Keith believes that his early experience working in a roundhouse where he greased the side of the rod of old steam locomotives gave him the base to pursue his career in mechanical engineering and involvement in power plants, refineries, steel mills and eventually petroleum and steel industries.


Because of his passion for the petrochemical business and the available opportunities, Keith decided to reside in Houston, Texas. 


Keith sees the future of BRDG, bridge-to-connect as the catalyst to the increased diversity in the workplace and wider acceptance by academia and technical industries on the different types of education that will be required to effectively serve our immediate and larger communities.


Keith is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Mississippi. He enjoys golf, hunting, knife making, painting and travel.

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