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Fri, Apr 08  |  Saddleback College

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Your Turn Job Fair

Student job fair where five selected students get the opportunity to interview, share their point of view, and give suggestions to companies as such as Amazon, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Nantero, and Union Pacific.


Apr 08, 1:00 PM - 6:00PM PDT

Hosted at Saddleback College

Business Building Room no. BGS 254

Free Parking


Tickets: $5 per ticket


Five Student Sharks, that are selected based off of resumes and mock interviews workshops that are held prior to April 8th, get the chance to interview, suggest opinions, and share their point of views to 4 STEM companies. The companies include Amazon, Nantero, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, and Union Pacific!


There will be hundreds of job opportunities at this job fair!


Companies are especially looking for the following majors from College Freshman to Senior to Experienced: Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Cloud Support, Math, Modeling, Chemistry, Telecommunications, Information Security, RF Technology, Model Builder, Drone Technology, Hands on Testing, Statistics Analyst


To register for the event: Students must submit their resume.


Q: What?

A: A job fair where students can ask the questions and give their input to participating companies.


Q: When?

A: Friday, April 8, 2022 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm


Q: Where?

A: The event will occur both in person and via Zoom. The in-person exact location will be at Saddleback College, Business Building Room BGS 254. Parking is free at Parking Lot  no. 5.

Q: How many companies will be recruiting?

A: 4 companies; Nantero (next generation memory Chip technology), Raytheon, Union Pacific and Amazon Web Services.


Q: What levels are companies hiring for?

A: Companies are hiring College students from Freshman to Seniors and Graduates.

Q: Are companies hiring specific majors?

A: Companies are hiring for all positions, but the following majors are specifically sought after: Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Cloud Support, Math, Modeling, Chemistry, Telecommunications, Information Security, RF Technology, Model Builder, Drone Technology, Hands On testing, and Statistic Analyst.

Q: How many students are companies looking for?

A: There are over 100 open positions that companies are looking to fill.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Click here


Q: Why do I have to pay $5 to participate?

A: All fees collected from the event will be given as raffle prizes during this event. (There will also be up to 20 swag bags from companies that you can win during the event.)


Q: When are the preparation workshops?

A: All workshops will be via Zoom. The planned workshops are:

  • Wednesday 3/9: 2nd Resume writing workshop: 4:30 – 5:30 pm by Natalie B. Schonfeld, Ph.D., Dean of Students, Coastline College

  • Monday, 3/14  How to Interview Workshop: 3:00  - 4:00 pm  by Leigh Poirier, Sr. Project Manager, Division of Career Pathways, UCI 

  • Thursday 3/24/2022 How to interview Workshop:  3:30 – 4:30 pm by Zoot Velasco, Executive Director, Friends of Fullerton College Foundation

  • Monday April 4th - final resumes to be submitted to BRDG

  • Registration on-going throughout up to April 4th


Q: Can I register if my resume is not ready?

A: Yes – we encourage that you register as soon as possible with your current (unfinished) resume and attend the preparation workshops. Final resume can be (re)submitted up to March 28th. 


Q: Will recruiters be present at the event?

A: Yes – all recruiters will attend in person.


Q: Will virtual attendees be able to have one-on-one conversations with the company guests?

A: Yes – see the agenda for the event.

Q: What is the event agenda?

A: Agenda:

1:00 – 2:30 Students to meet potential employers at booths at an open space

(lobby or hallway)

2:30 – 4:30 “Be the Shark” event in a large room; hybrid in person and virtual meetings simultaneously.

4:30 – 6:00 pm “Meet and Greet” companies and Interviews simultaneously


Q: What is the dress code for the event?

A: Dress to impress: Non sneaker closed toe shoes, twill pants, a shirt with collar and a jacket if you have one.


Q: Are we required to have a background in tech in order to apply for positions?

A: No. We suggest that you review job openings on the website of each of the above companies for the type of positions for which they are hiring.


Q: Will there be a panel of company representatives for a Q&A session?

A: Yes.


Q: Will there be representatives other than recruiters?

A: Yes.


Q: Do we have to stay for the entire event?

A: No, but the longer you stay will get you more exposure time with the companies.


Q: Will the selected sharks attend workshops hosted by the company reps?

A: All attendees are encouraged to attend resume writing and mock interview workshops. Sharks will be selected from students attending these workshops and they will be given additional training and privileges.


Q: Why is this different from a traditional job fair?

A: -       This event provides not only the opportunity to meet and interview with companies, but also the opportunity to hear many company responses to other student questions during the "shark session". This will certainly help you prepare for your interview.

-            You will get more time with recruiters than traditional job fairs

Q: Where should I park?

A: Lot no. 5

Q: Who should I contact to I ask questions?

A: Please email with your questions.

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