June Newsletter

BRDG's mission is to create a bridge to success by enhancing first-in-family college students' opportunities in the technology field. We aim to level the playing field for first generation college students who enter the workforce through our wraparound mentorship program. We are always open for more mentors, coaches, advisors, and organizational partners to join our team. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested!

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The United States Flag Store reminded me that “The American flag is a symbol of pride and freedom for all Americans. “The Star Spangled Banner,” the national anthem, proclaims, “And the rocket’s red glare / the bombs bursting in air / gave proof through the night / that our flag was still there.” Our flag flying through the smoke of warfare gave hope to Americans and ever since the flag has been a symbol of that hope and unity.”

June 14 is United States’ Flag Day. For Maria Ortiz’s family, the meaning of the National Anthem and United States flag came to be the foundation for fulfilling their hopes and dreams. As 1st generation, Maria is giving back by mentoring others.

by Maria Ortiz

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Peace Essay Contest

In conjunction with the Rotary Club Irvine, BRDG Bridge to Connect hosted an Essay Contest during April and May of this year.

What is “Peace?” How someone defines Peace? How can someone promote Peace? How can a community promote Peace? These are the required topics that AVID - OC High School students used while participating in this Essay Contest.

There were (4) inspirational Peace advocates that participated in this program:

  • Samantha Lumang and Michelle Clemente from "Teach Peace Build Peace" Movement, an NGO organization for Peace Education in the Philippines. Talked about the important of Truth Telling.

  • Erdoan Shipoli, PhD a visiting scholar at Georgetown University (School for Foreign Service) and a member of Washington Institute for Leadership. Shared his experiences as a Muslim teenager during the Kosovo war of 1998.

  • Albert Bicol, a speaker on “Net-Zero” in Vancouver, Canada . Shared "How climate and peace are two sides of the same coin - How Climate Change can jeopardize Peace".

Here are some quotes from the participating students:

  • “I learned about the different ways to demonstrate Peace and that it’s not only Peace from one person to another but also to nature and the world around us as well.”

  • “I always knew the concept of Peace, but not with as much clarity as this program has now given me. Living in a relatively stable society, Peace has only been merely a definition. However, I can now appreciate and be grateful for the privileged life I lead and learn how to advocate for it everywhere.”

  • “I learned that our actions today, affect the lives of the future”