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STEM careers

We create a bridge to success by enhancing first-in-family college students' opportunities in the technology field.


To level the playing field for the 1st generation college students as they enter the workforce


"While possessing the right technical skills will always be important, I think leadership skills like coaching and mentoring, communication and diversity of thoughts are increasingly important in our global industry."

               - Robert F. Leduc, President of Pratt & Whitney

  • Paid-to-Learn: "$240/week" financial assistance for learning time eases the financial burden on first-gen students, enabling them to focus on self-improvement and networking.

  • Mentorship: Year-long one-to-one mentoring creates a confidential support network that provides guidance, advice, and a platform for discussing personal and professional matters.

  • Professional Development: Subject Matter Expert workshops polish the soft skills so vital in the workspace. Classes on Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Financial Literacy, and Resume Writing are a few items in the toolkit. The program involves Trade Expos to widen their industry knowledge & network.

  • Paid Internship: BRDG teaches students how to research, apply, and secure paid internships aligned with their field. This practical experience fosters confidence and expands their diverse STEM-related connections.

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