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Board of Trustee
Bill Gervasi

A native of California, first generation American, Bill Gervasi grew up in a tiny community in the Santa Cruz Mountains, acting in the local theater troupe and developing a communications skill that would prove beneficial in his roles in the technology industry. Bill studied electrical engineering and computer science at University of Portland then at Oregon Graduate Center. His first career past college was 19 years with Intel Corporation, through the great computer revolution. At Intel he lived multiple careers including hardware design, software design, and sales.


In 1995, Bill became a chairman of the JEDEC international standards organization with focus on memory and logic design, and he has remained a chairman since, leading development of the memories used in nearly all computing devices worldwide.  


Leveraging his past acting skills, Bill’s corporate roles during this timeframe involve bridging customers, engineering, sales, marketing, public relations, and industry cooperation. He also holds 10 US patents.


Teaching has always been a key role as well. Bill gives public talks regularly at industry trade events and does corporate training of other engineers.


He believes that the common expression “Pay it forward” describes one of the most rewarding things anyone can accomplish.


We need to encourage a new generation of motivated and capable people to carry on the torch of enlightenment and exploration. Some will need depth of skill in a limited field, others will need breadth of a wider range of skills, but all should share a passion to contribute to a greater societal good.


“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that ocean merges into the drop” – Kabir

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