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STEM students in paid career program
Paid to Learn

BRDG pays students for their time to learn life and professional skills using a combination of mentors & coaches to provide the hands-on instruction & support. We create a continually evolving support system that emphasizes creativity and personal growth for students and volunteers alike.

For $240 per week stipend, students are required to spend 12 hours weekly to:

  • Advance their People skills such as communication, personality and strengths,  and critical thinking

  • Acquire technical skills such as: time management, resumes, interviews, and financial literacy

  • Assemble their Leadership Development skills


The bottom line: We successfully shepherd first generation Engineering and Computer Science students to be the first in their family to achieve better-than-average professional job offers. Our graduates are well employed and every one of our current cohort secured a summer internship in their field of study.  

The societal return on investment includes greater enhanced leadership in science, technology, and computer fields, and a more diverse pool of talented, future leaders. It takes 18 - 24 months to help position a first generation student for success that not only will transform their lives, but forever impact their families as well as those who hope to follow in their footsteps.

BRDG student at career fair
STEM careers from program
BRDG students paid to learn
BRDG student at career fair
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