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STEM Mentoring


Students are provided with one-to-one Mentors to:  

  • help with their life planning and building their toolkit along the way

  • work closely with students to help discover their skills, talents, and growth opportunities. 

  • support students to secure internships, develop self-awareness and skills to succeed in a professional setting.  

The success of our mentoring hinges on the trust the mentors build with our students, through active listening, communicating their commitment to our students’ development and success, providing teaching to develop students’ capabilities, offering frequent and constructive feedback, and celebrating student successes.

“I am extremely excited to have participated in Sam’s journey, though far from complete, and celebrate his graduation, new job, and what will be his role as an impactful ambassador for his community.” Marc Davidson: BRDG Mentor

“A quality education with mentors along the way to guide our next generation is the foundation for success in all aspects of life. BRDG’s focus on providing first generation college students with an incredible support network of coaches and advisors that can help guide their journey is something very special. I am excited to be a part of the BRDG program.” Jay Kramer: BRDG Mentor.“When I learned about the BRDG program, it was natural for me to join this great organization. Being the first generation in my family to attend college and earn a graduate degree, I felt the call to mentor college students who are going through the same path I did years ago and want to support them and share my experience with them so they can be successful in their careers.” Sami Beaini: BRDG Mentor

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