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Professional Development

Life is full of chapters, probably one of the more significant being the transition of completing one’s higher education, moving into the workplace, finding employment, and applying that knowledge. 


Education will have provided the most important skills. The next formative stage is professional development. This will be the Intersection with colleagues and peers, mentors that will begin to bridge the learned knowledge base and apply it to the tasks and activities in the employment field entered. Professional development will build the behavioral tools for success.

BRDG’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) volunteer as Coaches to open the student’s minds to opportunities and pitfalls in the professional working world, such as: 

  • Self Branding: Social Media Management, Networking, Business Etiquette

  • Project Management:  the tools for understanding the importance of process and the relationship with influencing contributors for tasks and events to be successfully completed

  • Job Fair with more inclusive atmosphere where students are on an even playing field when competing for jobs


The SME volunteers at BRDG work with students in taking their next step and creating their future “professional footprint".

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