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BRDG Paid Internships
Paid Internships in the Field of Study

Central to BRDG’s approach are experienced mentors who provide students with immediate direction while nurturing their long-term interests and crafting a career roadmap that aligns with their aspirations. 

At the same time, BRDG's coaches work on both hard and soft skills, imparting invaluable knowledge for the competitive job market. On one hand, they work on students’ hard skills such as resume building, social media presence enhancement, and project management, empowering candidates to present themselves effectively. On the other hand, they delve into the nuances of soft skills, equipping individuals with the finesse of networking, simulated interview scenarios, and cultivating meaningful professional relationships. 

With a focus on career placement, BRDG's training philosophy  is an alignment  of mentorship and skill development; mentor-guided directional support and a multifaceted coaching workshops.  

BRDG empowers candidates to confidently step into the dynamic world of careers, armed with both soft skills and hard skills to succeed in their chosen field.


Our impact: 

  • 100% of current interns secured paid internships in their field of study

  • 100% of current interns secured paid internships in their senior year

  • 100% of BRDG graduates are well employed



“The goal for any facilities engineer in a company is to find an ROI when renovating or reviewing the current protocol. For example, a small project I led dealt with, aim to increase efficiency at the production line while at the same time reducing any interference.” Max Flores – Intern at Alcon


“As a software engineer, I had the opportunity to developed automotive programs to interface with internal applications within the bank. I learned about Agile, Scrum and other development methodologies. I also had the opportunity to participate in a presentation that involves determining trends in the company’s revenue.” Sebastian Luna – Intern at Bank of America 


“I had the opportunity to be part of a team that is developing an innovative solar collector device designed to store extremely hot air, with temperatures ranging from 400°C to a scorching 1000°C. The heartbeat of this device is a glass rod that channel and concentrate the sunlight. It might sound simple, but the design factors at play are complex and challenging.” Nick Arenaza – Intern at Planet A Energy

STEM student
BRDG graduate in STEM
BRDG career at Boeing

To inquire about your sponsorship, contact:

Caecilia Gotama, P.E.

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