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Linda Lockwood


After completing my undergraduate work with a degree in elementary education and psychology, I began my teaching career in Denver.  After two years, I moved to California where I accepted a teaching position in the Fullerton School District. There, I enjoyed my job teaching primary and upper-middle grade students in a variety of settings. I also enjoyed leadership positions in each of my schools as well as district, county and state programs. 

Eventually, I earned my Master’s Degree in Learning Handicaps from California State University, Fullerton.  It allowed me the distinct privilege of working with students with mild to moderate disabilities, their parents and teachers.  It was the highlight of my teaching experience. 

As a retired individual, I am a member of OLLI at CSUF and enjoy learning, meeting new friends, and volunteering for what I consider worthwhile endeavors.  Mentoring a student to assist in meeting educational goals has become yet another highlight of my life.

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