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Organization/Partners FAQs

Q: What is BRDG bridge-to-connect?

A: BRDG is a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of first-generation college students, majoring in engineering and computer science. We aim to diversify the population of potential employees and future leaders who are not only well-rounded and knowledgeable in their technical skills but in possession of leadership, interpersonal abilities, and socially aware.

Q: Who will we be helping?

  • First-generation college students

  • Majoring in engineering and/or computer science

  • In good standing as a junior at a four-year university

  • Most likely on financial aid


Q: What is a first-generation college student?

A: A first-generation college student is the first in the generation of a family to attend college and receive a degree. If either of their parents have a degree (an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree), the student is not considered a first-generation college student.


Q: Why should we help?

A: By definition, “First Generation” students lack familial mentors (parents, aunts and/or uncles) who can guide them in making wise decisions while in college. Generally, these students choose practical (i.e. short-term) options that accommodate their family situation, rather than what’s best for their career (long-term). These practical decisions lead to a job that is often underutilizing their skills / potential. Your contribution will help these students to achieve their full potential and become future leaders in the technology sector.


Q: What is your success rate?

A: See below link for a testimony from one of our graduates


Q. How can we help?

A: You can:

  • Sponsor a student by underwriting his/her stipend and development expenses

  • Sponsor a hybrid recruitment event (in person and virtual) where corporations can directly meet and connect with 1st generation students who are ready for internship / employment.

  • Underwrite a networking event for students with local companies and/or professionals.

  • Underwrite a Personality / Communication workshop.

  • Underwrite a Financial Literacy workshop.

  • Invite our students to a technical conference that you are sponsoring / organizing.

  • Invite our student to work shadow at your office.

  • Be a mentor to our students (meeting once a week with a student to guide him/her on his/her choices as he/she explore various opportunities in the professional world).

  • Be a coach (on a specific subject matter) to our students.

  • Be a guest speaker at one of our events.


Q. What is our benefit for partnering with BRDG?

A. In addition to making a difference to 1st generation students and their family and generating more potential hires in the technology pipeline, please contact our Executive Director for more details:

Caecilia Gotama, P.E.

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