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By Keith Thayer

Jan 2, 2021

This acronym does not represent any agencies, political issues or sports mottos. It is offered as a simple approach to our often complex life style.

The letters represent 4 tools HUMOR, ACTION, RESPECT, and TEAMWORK. They are best considered in reverse order, i,e, T,R,A,H.


A team can be 2 persons, a committee, a sports team, a Community organization, a group of Departments, Counties, States, nations, Businesses, ad infinitum. “A problem shared is cut in half and a joy shared is doubled.”

A team has common goals, multiple skills and resources, a leader, mutual respect and pride. Communication within the team may be unsaid, body language, ESP and is a result of the next letter in the acronym.


A simple prayer “Help me to realize that I am a pilgrim in this world called to love and respect all those whose lives I touch”. Respect is a given. Respect does not require that we like or agree with a person’s belief, mannerism of life style. Respect is a great tool for negotiations, friendships and teamwork. It opens doors to resolution of disagreements.


“Nothing happens until someone does something!” How overused are the expressions of “We should, We must, We need, etc.” Instead of We are, We did, We will” with dates and results attached.

There is an adage “motion is not to be confused with progress but without motion these is no progress”. Sun Tzu in “The art of war” states one essential for victory as “he will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

Being involved with a team that is animated, has a goal and produces results is inspirational and beneficial for the individual and the team.


“It is never too late for a happy childhood” Humor is an attitude that benefits all who use it constructively. It can diffuse a tense situation, establish favorable relationship, remove barriers and make work enjoyable. Humor can bring groups into the present and facilitate solutions – can help resolve an impasse. Humor should be positive and non-derogatory and meaningful.

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