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BRDG STEM Instructors lead the way for 1st Gen students

From the Classroom to the Board room

By: Terry Engle

Bridge to Connect was founded with an expansive intention and willingness to support first generation American STEM students. The magic that comes from this commitment has nurtured some beautiful and powerful student growth. The board members, mentors and coaches of Bridge to Connect have a unified mission of helping STEM students be the absolute best version of themselves in the most effective way.  It is a valuable investment in our future. 


The World Economic Forum calculates that China had at least 4.7 million recent STEM grads as of 2016; India had 2.6 million as of 2017; the U.S. pulls in at third at 568,000.  That puts us about equal with India for STEM grads per population (1:516 ratio for Indians and 1:573 for Americans); but well behind China’s 1:293 ratio. Supporting STEM students is of vital importance for American industrial and technological growth and even national security. 


At our annual board meeting, BRDG brings together our team of board members, directors, mentors, coaches, students and their families. At our first meeting our students shared their BRDG experiences and their personal and professional growth. Students showcased themselves in a manner they would have thought impossible just months before. The parent’s tears of pride spoke volumes. 


Our culture is to create a safe environment for our students to practice, team work, leadership, interviewing skills, public speaking, networking, confidence building and receive authentic feedback. BRDG offers a myriad of skill sets under the watchful guidance of seasoned industry leaders. 


BRDG serves as a springboard for talented students, with the goal to catapult them into an internship or lucrative job where they can blossom and thrive.

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