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Student project where you will join a multidisciplinary team to develop solutions for a sustainable challenge and present them to judges from relevant industries

This event is OPEN!
Application Deadline at 5:00 pm on May 11


October 11th, 10:00 AM - 5:00PM PST 2024

In Person Event

Location: TBD

Project Competition

Recruiting 49 students


To register for the event: Students must submit their resume.

  • We are accepting 49 students: a multidiscipline seven teams of seven students each.

  • We will provide a Coach and an Assistant Coach to work with each team.

  • Each team will be provided with $3,500 budget.

  • Competition will Start on May 18 (onboarding meeting) – Presentation on October 11

  • You will be working on sustainable projects.

  • This Challenge will prepare you for your professional career: team dynamics, project management, business ethics, budget management, conflict resolution and exposure to companies




Q: How can I enter this challenge?

A: Fill out an application online. The application requires resume submittal with your LinkedIn profile.


Q: Who may enter this challenge?
A: Sophomores and Juniors in college, majoring in Sociology, Business, Engineering or Computer Science.


Q: How many students will be recruited?
A: A total of 49 students. We are targeting seven teams with 6-7 students per team. Each team will consists of students from multidisciplinary majors.


Q: How will teams be formed?
A: BRDG team will select and interview students between May 12 and 15.  BRDG team will form the team

based on compatibility in majors and interests.


Q: Will the teams have a coach?
A: Yes, each team will be assigned a dedicated coach and an assistant coach. A Coach is a seasoned

professional. An assistant Coach is an early career professional or a graduate student.


Q: Can I participate as an individual?
A: No, this is a project team competition.


Q: What role do the companies play?
A: Companies will have representatives for you to access as consultants for your project. They will provide a

wide variety of expertise from engineering, software development, marketing, and business savvy. You will be required to use these consultants and they will get to know your capabilities.


Q: What do I get from participating in this competition?


  • You will have exposure to the participating companies.

  • Participating companies will get to know you and your capabilities.

  • You will have a team-based project to add to your resume.

  • By winning this competition you will have “bragging rights” on your resume.

  • You will also learn about team dynamic, project management, business ethics, budget management and conflict resolution.


Q: What is the schedule?


  • May 11: Application Deadline

  • May 12 - 15: Acceptance and team selection 

  • May 18: in person onboarding (meeting coaches and assistant coaches) 

  • May 19 - July 31: Work on phase 1 of the competition

  • July 31: Phase 1 report due

  • August 1 - October 11: Work on phase 2 of the competition

  • October 2: Phase 2 report due

  • October 11: Competition day; present your project to judges from industry and your peers. 


Q: What type of challenges?
A: For this inauguration event, all projects will be multidisciplinary projects and will have a sustainable

component. The challenges will be variations of a theme. Constraints and criteria will be defined and you

will have the freedom to design your challenge within these constraints.


Q: What criteria are used to judge the challenge?


  • Clarity of message

  • Flow from first to final project submittal – “the why"

  • Team cohesiveness

  • Best use of internal resources

  • Effectiveness in utilizing consultants

  • Effectiveness in utilizing budget

  • Presentation quality and clarity

  • Presentation graphics

  • Understanding your client/audience


Q: Are there going to be different categories of challenges, and if yes, what are they?
A: Yes; details to follow


Q: How will each team be funded?
A: Each team will receive $3500 to be used at their discretion. Teams will submit budget proposals and

manage their budgets. Funds can be used to purchase software and supplies, pay team members, attend a conference/class, travel needs, misc. Budgets must be approved by the committee and funds will not be

dispersed until project is completed, unless need is pre-approved.


Q: What does the competition day look like?


Q: What are the benefits of participating?
A: The BRDG Showcase Challenge provides you with an experience like no other – it is designed to prepare you

for your professional career and beyond. You will gain career readiness skills such as team work,

communication, leadership, and management skills. Not only will you be exposed to companies for potential internships and jobs, but you will be able to consult directly with them and learn more about each company.

This experience will not only help build your resume but provide the skills that set you apart from others in your


Q: Will there be help to guide my team through the process?
A: Coaches will meet with the teams on a regular basis. You will also be required to consult with each of the participating companies.

Q: What are the time commitments and deadlines?


  • Project team will be announced in early May 2024.

  • Project teams onboarding will be on May 18.

  • The project team will prepare during the summer 5/25-7/31. Virtual workshops on time and project management, team dynamics, conflict resolution, business ethics, and communication and leadership, will be delivered by coaches.

  • End of summer deliverables:

    • Team name and logo

    • Team members name, school, major, role in project

    • Project statement and purpose

    • Expected impact of project to society, short and long term

    • Budget plan

    • Project schedule

    • Impact on sustainability

    • Who are your clients / customer

  • Project design phase is 8/1-10/11

    • Additional deliverables

      • Where did you use AI – explain why

      • Update changes from your original submittals and why

      • Your effectiveness in using your resources: Time, Money, Consultants, Team Members, etc.

      • Clarity and effectiveness of your presentation

      • How well you meet your customer/client needs




Q: When is the Competition date?
A: Friday, October 11, 2024


Q: Where?
A: Southern CA

How to find out more?

A: Email:

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