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Dwight Jaeggi

“Engineers must consider the “should” as well as the “can” when evaluating a project’s feasibility.” -Dwight Jaeggi

Dwight was born during the Eisenhower administration and grew up in New Jersey, western Tennessee and central Florida.  He attended college in Virginia and then spent a few years “finding himself” (it was a 70’s thing) before pursuing a career as a software consultant.  He has worked in 20 states, 16 countries and 6 continents for big retailers and small ones, software developers, as well as for himself.  In between he designed a few software products which did not change the world but did change him.


Dwight believes that technical abilities combined with a number of soft skills are the key to any engineer’s impact and success in their working life and is therefore well aligned with the BRDG vision.  


He thinks that BRDG will illustrate success when students passing through the program and establishing themselves in their professional lives ask to become mentors for the next generation.

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