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Mock Interviews
BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

BRDG STEM Mock Interviews for preparation

Mock interviews provide our members with a way to practice their interview skills in an environment similar to an actual interview. After a mock interview, members are given feedback on their performance, how to improve, and their strengths/weaknesses. 


There are many benefits of mock interviews including learning how to answer difficult questions, interview strategies, improving communication skills, and gaining confidence and reducing anxiety. 

Below our members share their experience with our mock interviews. 

Lorena's experience:

Before doing the mock interview, I felt so nervous because I haven't done an interview or mock interview for some time. I was thinking to myself, "what if I can't immediately answer the question?" or "what if I stutter?" Indeed I did stutter doing the mock interview; however, it didn't stop me from expressing my thoughts and answering the question. I remembered to breathe and move my mouth to prevent slurring.


There were a few questions where I had to think for a few seconds before answering, but I made sure to keep calm and repeated the problem to ensure I understood it. After the mock interview, I was given good informative feedback about my performance and my strengths/weaknesses.


I learned that my responses seemed a bit scripted or rigid, and I need to make it more conversational. To do that, I need to continue practicing mock interviews and speaking.


I think anyone who is about to have an interview should do a few mock interviews because they will learn to structure their response, and it will ease the anxiety they might have.

Luis's experience:

Before I begin, I would like to thank Caecilia Gotama, Terry Engle, and Ms. Adrienne Matl for their immense support.


On April 3, 2020, they arranged a fantastic event that challenged my fellow Ambassadors and me to understand the importance of preparing for a future job opportunity. Caecilia, Terry, and Adrienne all gave positive advice and even conducted a mock interview. Both factors allowed me to comprehend the value of presenting oneself. Communicating effectively, self-reflecting, and practicing common interview questions are essential factors.


Although interviews can be nerve-racking, these factors will help you to construct an effective game plan. Important things to remember when preparing for an interview are to explain what you can do for the company and to BE YOURSELF. You want to be authentic and not lie about prior experiences.


Furthermore, this event has taught me the importance of researching companies beforehand, utilizing the STAR method, and always to have questions for the interviewer.


Overall, the mock interview was a meaningful experience that has improved my confidence and to become better prepared for future interviews.

Alejandro's experience:

I cannot even describe how nervous I was.


In my whole life, I've only been through two interviews so I simply didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, BRDG conducted a mock interview to help us get an idea and so each of us had a 15-minute interview with Ms. Adrienne Matl, the VP of Customer Service and Support at Meridian Link. With software engineering as one of my interests, this made me happy as I'll be able to ask questions about the profession.


Overall, the interview was better than expected. I tried to speak with confidence and with no exaggeration with my answers. I simply tried to be HONEST, one of the most valuable skills to have.


During feedback, Adrienne liked how I asked for a moment to think about my response and how organized my answers were. That made me feel great considering that I haven't done an interview in a long time. What I do need to work on are my posture and eye contact, I noticed that I wasn't always looking at the camera.


I really enjoyed the experience and I truly believed that I'm a little more prepared for a real interview.

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