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Meet Linda Lockwood a BRDG mentor

Linda Lockwood

Oct 15, 2021

Over the years, I have volunteered for a variety of organizations doing anything from menial tasks to leadership roles. It seems no matter the level of involvement, I came away with a deep sense of satisfaction, a broader skill set, and a stronger sense of what it takes to successfully serve the needs of a diverse population.

Most recently I have been mentoring students who are potentially the first in their families to graduate from college. These students come with not only youth and energy, but a drive to achieve beyond their dreams. They also bring with them a unique set of needs to achieve those goals.

Frequently struggling with a second language, they are coming from culturally different backgrounds where resources are often limited. Exposure to social and educational experiences in their communities are infrequent and sometimes even discouraged. They plan to make a better life for themselves but may struggle with leaving their family and community behind. They may face fears of entering the new and unfamiliar. Awareness about what could be may be narrow in scope. Preparing for the social and economic changes in that dream have now become a part of the challenge.

What an honor it is to meet and work with these incredible people! I never struggled with such crucial issues in achieving my goals. I do remember being so young, so full of energy and wanting to grow up so fast. Along the way, I learned important, valuable lessons that make up my wisdom. My wisdom is my wealth and now I have the chance to use it for a very noble cause. As a mentor, all I have to do is listen, encourage, guide, plant a few seeds for thought. I do not have to be a parent or a tutor. I can just be a friend.

Mentoring these students has become my favorite volunteer job ever! Their youth has kept me more up to date with current trends and technology. The unstoppable energy fills me with awe and renewed enthusiasm to be actively involved in my own world. Watching them learn to navigate through their challenges is inspiring and signals there is hope for the future. I embrace the opportunity to be a part of their journey.

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