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Meeting the Dean

By Alejandro Rangel and Lorena Macias

Apr 24, 2020

On a bright Friday morning in mid-February, the ambassadors in training were given an unusual task: to venture out on campus and approach a student/faculty, give a quick self introduction, hand him/her a rose, and acknowledge them for being at school on a Friday. Luis, Lorena, and Alejandro were taken by surprise but happily accepted the challenge.

Both Lorena and Alejandro wanted to give back to the community they’re most involved with, the Engineering and Computer Science departments. They presented themselves and gave roses to students and faculty along the way but when they were down to their last rose, they were in for a surprise. They decided to enter the Dean’s office to hand it to the staff.

However, after Lorena gave her final rose to the frontdesk assistant and Alejandro was about to hand his to another assistance, he was instead encouraged to give his last rose to the Dean, Dr. Susan Barua. A few seconds later, Lorena was also directed to Dr. Barua’s office.

There, they both introduced themselves, explained why they gave out roses, and explained the BRDG program to the Dean. The Dean was delighted to have a conversation with the two ambassadors in training and asked the two to return when they complete their year with BRDG so they can share their experiences and what they have learned.

They exchanged business cards, gave their farewells, and Alejandro and Lorena returned back to the BRDG meeting with 5 minutes over time, excited to speak about what had just occurred.

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