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April Newsletter

Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to BRDG Bridge to Connect! You are the special group to receive our 1st newsletter issue. Your support in our grass roots nonprofit organization is very much appreciated.

Our mission is to create a bridge to success by enhancing students' opportunities in the technology field through mentoring, coaching, and research. We aim to level the playing field for first generation college students who enter the workforce through our mentorship program. We are always open for more mentors, coaches, advisors, and organizational partners to join our team. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested!

Let's make a difference. Together.


Our Latest Featured Column Posting

Moving the American Dream into Focus: 3 Insights and a Call to Action

By: Caecilia Gotama

First-generation college students uniquely test America's commitment to diversity and inclusion; three insights and call to action help make that commitment real.

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